The Midwest Bonsai Society Officers & Chairpersons

President: Robert Wright
Executive Vice President: Kurt Nykaza
Representative of Chicago Botanic Garden: (Open)
Past President: Jay Albright
Past President: James Fairchild
Vice President Programming: (Open)
Vice President Special Events: Larry Stephan
Treasurer: Phil Troy
Membership: Eileen Michal
Recording Secretary: (Open)
Member at Large: Ivan Watters
Member at Large: Tony Welninski
Member at Large: Eva Hernandez-Thomas
Editorial: Dick Ruemmele
Assistant Editorial: Gail Thompson
Librarian: Amy Wright
Public Relations: Jose Fonseca
Social Chair: Lorraine May
Webmaster: Matthew Corpolongo
Prairie State Bonsai Society Representative: (Open)

Interested in serving on the board? Feel free to talk to a board member at the next general meeting. We are always looking for a few good members to help out!